Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet Lori Riley

Lorianne S. Riley CMT

Makeup Artist, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Nail Technician, Stylist

Lori Riley is a licensed Cosmetologist, CMT and a Business Major that has been working in the beauty industry for approximately twelve years. Although Lori is very interested in all the disciplines within the beauty industry she has devoted the last seven years of her life to the skin.

Lori has traveled throughout Northern California working as part of the Lancôme Pro Team where she has had the privilege to be formally trained in the discipline of applying makeup by Ross Burton who at the time was the National Artistic Director for Lancôme. After her education with Lancôme she worked on their Pro Team at special events with Ross and other well known makeup artist to the stars in fine department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, and Gottschalk’s.

She has also been formally trained by makeup artist to the stars, Creator and Artistic Director Sheila McKenna and Roque Cozzette of Kett Cosmetics in the application of airbrush makeup.

Recently throughout her travels as a freelance makeup artist Lori has been lucky enough to work photo shoots and runway shows through out California as well as featured makeup artist on Wake Up News Show an affiliate of NBC and CBS, in Chico California. She is the owner of eleMENts by Beaute’ a Unisex Dayspa.

But most importantly for the past six years she has been enjoying the opportunities available to her by being an educator for Mirabella, California Skincare Supply, Szep Elet, and SkinCare Fundamentals. Throughout her five year relationship with Mirabella she had been chosen as the Mirabella makeup artist for Schwarzlopf’s runway show at a past Maly’s Annual Beauty Trade Show, as well as been a featured makeup artist in an issue of Mirabella’s news letter “Beauty Know – It – All.” Lori has also had the pleasure to work with skincare companies as well as skin care devises and eyelash extensions companies that are umbrellaed under the California Skincare Supply, Szep Elet, and SkinCare Fundamentals names; such as ilike Organic Skincare, Christina Cosmeceuticals, Circadia, and DDF. She has been trained to work with LED, Ultrasonic, MicroCurrent, Sonophoresis, and Ionophoresis therapy. Lori’s passion for makeup and skin care drives her to find and learn the newest and most exciting trends happening in the industry.


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  3. such as ilike Organic Skincare, Christina Cosmeceuticals, Circadia, and DDF. She has been trained to work with LED,